​​​​We are a 360º Integrated Advertising and Digital Studio in​  
Hoboken NJ offering creative solutions for both digital and print.

The ​​DNS app is available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android mobile device. Click on this icon or visit Google Play or Apple Store and search for this icon under "DNS"    --------------------------------->

​​Let us set you up with a customized process management and digital asset interface on your own company iPad. Contact us for details!

         WEB DESIGN

​Stunning concept design, optimization and functionality to help capture your audience and drive profits.


Whether it be a billboard, postcard
or a 3D piece. We will work with
​your budget and concept.


Dedicated to manage your strategy, updates and keep
​you on target.


Result-driven strategies and campaigns to manage and monitor your business and increase your bottom line.

         LOGO DESIGN

Crafting an identity is one of our specialties. Conceptual design at its best.


The quality of your print design says volumes about the type of experience you're offering.


Whether it be print, video or promotional. We are the experts that execute.

          APP DESIGN

We design and develop custom apps. From greybox, to sandbox
​to the final launch.


Guaranteed professional photo retouching and restoration at an affordable rate.

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Deadly Nightshade (DNS)
1200 Garden Street Hoboken, NJ 07030 US
Phone: 2017105068 Website: https://mydeadlynightshade.com/

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"The DNS team has worked on award-winning creative
campaigns for some of the largest companies in the world."